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Add on — Facial Accupressure Massage

10 min: $10


Facial acupressure dates back to ancient Chinese rituals, and it has been used as a healing method all over the world and practiced for centuries. Acupressure is often mistaken for acupuncture which uses needles to treat conditions. On the other hand, acupressure can be easily done by your own hands, or acupressure tools just by applying a pressure to certain parts of your body or face. Reflexology itself is based on the concept that certain areas of our body can correspond with certain organs or body systems. Therefore, facial acupressure works by applying pressure to a certain part of the face which sends a signal to correspond with the body’s organs. This way, pain can be alleviated and our mind can be eased of stress or anxiety.

Cancellation Policy

Things happen. If you need to cancel your appointment, we simply ask that you give us as much notice as possible and at an absolute minimum, give us 48 hours notice. Any cancellations within the 48 hour window will need to be charged for the cost of the booked services. Our staff depends on their scheduled services to plan their hours accordingly and no-shows and late cancellations mean they not only missed your service, but the service of someone who might have taken your place. If there is a no show to any appointment you will be charged full value.

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