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From $15


Threading is a process where the aesthetician uses a small thread to catch and remove excess hair. Unlike tweezing, however, this process can remove several hairs all at once, or entire rows of hair, resulting in a smoother look. Eye Brows $17 Chin $16 Lip $15 Full Face $42

Cancellation Policy

Things happen. If you need to cancel your appointment, we simply ask that you give us as much notice as possible and at an absolute minimum, give us 48 hours notice. Any cancellations within the 48 hour window will need to be charged for the cost of the booked services. Our staff depends on their scheduled services to plan their hours accordingly and no-shows and late cancellations mean they not only missed your service, but the service of someone who might have taken your place. If there is a no show to any appointment you will be charged full value.

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